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A self-initiated project by Campbell Hay created as a response to COVID-19 and the impact it has on the mental health of those who work in the creative industry.

Collective Hope

Creatives from all over the world are paired up to design a collaborative response using Google Sheets as their platform.


Laurie Avon x Jonathan Vermersch
Nils Braun x Eliot Wyatt
Genna Campton x Emily Clarke
Jimmy Hay x Elisea Russo
Erin Joyce x Gemma Mahoney
Jackie Liu x Mark Oliver
Giada Pierpan x Sauman Wong
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The idea of pairing people up stemmed from the desire to foster connections while everyone was confined at home in isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions.

While we are on a roadmap to some semblance of normalcy, there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead. This level of uncertainty has brought about stress and mental health challenges for many. Creatives are especially impacted due to the instability of the industry.

Looking to the theme of Collective Hope, we aim to create conversations on how the current climate affects our mental health and creativity.

We want to bring together a community through collaboration and support.

Conversations between creatives about collaboration, creativity and mental health.

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Campbell Hay is proud to be working in partnership with Campaign Against Miserable Living, CALM, to raise on mental health to raise awareness and provide resources for the creative industry. We’re bringing together a community that believes in collective action and collective hope.

“Hope can be sparked by many things, but we think the strongest kind of hope exists in a state of change. It requires action to actually make a difference.”

— Nitsan Dror x Andrin Rohner